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International Head of Dance Communications in Wals-Siezenheim, Salzburg, Austria

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Your experience includes: (proven performance in)
  1. Minimum 6-9 years of experience in Culture/Dance Communication

  2. Expert knowledge of dance, media work, PR, project communication through working experience and proper marketing skills and understanding

  3. Well established Industry and Culture Media Relations

  4. Culture enthusiastic, open minded, diligent, smart, team oriented, exact, hard working, flexible, strong personality

  5. Proven leadership qualities, presentation and communication skills

  6. Resilient, passionate, structured and well-organized person

  7. Strong understanding of content consumption behaviour, content engagement and consumer retention appreciated

  8. Activation experience of livestreams for television, online or social channels

  9. Strong editorial background and experience appreciated

  10. Experience working in breakdance and/or street dance and understands how to work with dancers, the community and scene

  11. Understands the vocabulary and tonality when talking to the dance community

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Wals-Siezenheim, Salzburg, Austria
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Marketing / Kommunikation / PR / Werbung, Events / Messe / Promotion / Hostess
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