Internship - Uranium Production Cycle Infographics and Geoportal Development in Vienna


Organizational Setting

The objective of the Department of Nuclear Energy (NE) is to foster the efficient and safe use of nuclear power by supporting interested Member States in: improving the performance of nuclear power plants, the nuclear fuel cycle, and the management of nuclear wastes; catalysing innovation in nuclear power and fuel cycle technologies; developing indigenous capabilities around the world for national energy planning; deploying new nuclear power plants; preserving and disseminating nuclear information and knowledge; and advancing science and industry through improved operation of research reactors.

The Division of Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Waste Technology (NEFW) comprises the Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section, the Waste Technology Section, the Decommissioning & Environmental Remediation Section and the Research Reactor Section. The Division seeks to support Member States in building their capacity to access technologies, to share good practices and to develop safe and effective approaches across all aspects of research reactors, nuclear fuel cycle, decommissioning, radioactive waste management and environmental remediation.

The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials Section (NFCMS) assists interested Member States in the development of safe, environmentally friendly, economically viable, proliferation-resistant and sustainable fuel cycle options and it encourages information exchange on the exploration, mining and processing of uranium and thorium, on the design, manufacturing and performance of nuclear fuels, on the management of spent fuel, and on the development of advanced and innovative nuclear fuels and fuel cycles.

Main Purpose

To assist the Uranium Resources Specialist in developing various data visualizations and infographics to more efficiently and clearly summarize and present data, including geospatial representations, of the Global Uranium Resources, Production and Demand (known as the "Red Book"), the World Uranium Deposits (UDEPO), and World Thorium Deposits (ThDEPO) databases.

Functions / Key Results Expected

To provide assistance with, or contribute to, (1) preparing for data visualizations and infographics generation, and (2) coordinating Uranium Group Member State Red Book data:

  • Identifying and correcting database data inconsistencies, such as mis-matched data units, compiling and adding missing data, and other Quality Assurance / Quality Control-related refinements.
  • Refining and integrating the ThDEPO database so that it is compatible with, and more easily linked with the UDEPO and Red Book databases.
    Developing visual/graphical data renderings that can be used for online presentations and integrated into larger infographics that convey various 1st-order characteristics of data making up the Red Book, UDEPO, and ThDEPO databases.
  • Developing an online interactive web portal survey form for the purposes of assisting Member States with the submission of data for the Red Book.
  • Enhancement and improvement of quality of data in Integrated Nuclear Fuel Cycle Information System databases and linkages among the databases (specifically, Red Book database, UDEPO, and ThDEPO).
  • Generation of interactive and/or static infographics representing data related to uranium resources, production, exploration, or other related "Uranium Production Cycle" activities.
  • Formatting and testing online data collection and related data validation and visualization methods.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Recommended:

  • Ability to use Microsoft Office applications.
  • Capacity to effectively use Excel or other data management software, which could include GIS software.
  • Ability to compile information from various sources, review and present technical information in a summarized, easy to read manner.
  • Working knowledge of how to perform and interpret basic descriptive statistics.

    Additional asset:
  • Comfortable with graphic design, page layout, and effective visual display and communication of technical quantitative information.
  • Familiar with webpage development and one or more related programming language(s).
  • Qualifications and Experience

  • University degree in Geosciences or closely related field
  • Experience in data compilation, validation (quality-checking), and reduction (interpreting and summarizing main characteristics).
  • Experience in reading and writing technical reports.
  • Experience with Excel, Access, or other database management software; or geospatial/GIS software; or statistical analysis software.
  • Experience with data visualization and graphics/multimedia software.
  • Applicant Eligibility

  • Candidates must be a minimum of 20 years of age and have completed at least three years of full-time studies at a university or equivalent institution towards the completion of a first degree.
  • Candidates may apply up to one year after the completion of a bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree.
  • Candidates must not have previously participated in the IAEA's internship programme.
  • Good written and spoken English essential; fluency in any other IAEA official language (Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish or Russian) an asset.
  • Candidates must attach two signed letters of recommendation to their application.
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